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Who Are We?

Besher Group Established in 2015, it specializes in investment and real estate development in all Turkish lands in cooperation with Turkish government projects such as the Emlak Konut and Toki properties

also specializes in legal consultation with a team of Turkish and Arab lawyers. Its focus is on Arab and foreign investors in general and those wishing to own the land and acquire Turkish citizenship.

Our vision :

Turkey is one of the most important emerging countries in the field of real estate investment.
The largest airport in the world, and the largest airport in Europe, located in the Arnaout Cui area north of Istanbul, with an area of about 7,500 hectares, accommodates 200 million passengers annually and reaches 350 world points . And the largest water canal project (Century Project), which connects the Sea of Marmara in the Black Sea with a length of 45 km and an approximate width of 450 meters

The company’s approach in choosing the property

We suggest you the property according to your goal of it: investment or housing? Or both? What are the primary advantages for you: view, location, aesthetic construction, government guarantee? In light of this, we offer you a range of options that are closest to your order, taking into account your budget.

Besher Group Real Estate focuses on certain types of projects, including new projects. Investors are advised of the new properties because: their advantages in terms of construction quality and finishing are better and more beautiful. Modern systems are not available in old projects. And the potential for profit is greater when they are under construction, or in an area of ​​rapid prosperity, such as Pakak Shahir, Bahja Shahir, and Buick Chkumja. The transfer of ownership is the safest, as well as the flower living in a new property.
The second type is the complexes: we recommend ownership in the complexes, for the provision of social services and sports and entertainment, and green areas, parking and a guard system, which is not available
in normal buildings.

Wy Besher Group

  • Because it has a cadre with long experience in the field of investment and real estate development
  • It has more than 30 points in Istanbul, Europe and Asia and selects the right place for successful investment and good living
  • You are guaranteed the right property of major construction companies (Emlak Konut – Toki – Tuzloa … etc.) belonging to the Turkish government
  • We work on all real estate transactions from A to Z as a transfer of ownership, establishment of companies and receipt of property deed
  • We assist in the extraction of stalls and the establishment of companies and the acquisition of Turkish nationality in accordance with Law No. 106 of 2018 through a specialized cadre of Turkish lawyers.
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