Management of properties in Turkey

First of all, The main goal of buying a property in Turkey is one of the following reasons :

  • A permanent residence.
  • For visits during the summer and holidays.
  • For investment with the aim of achieving a profitable return.

     Furthermore, in all cases, the purchase of the real estate whether, in the purpose of long-term investment or summer residence requires following up continuously, along with the fact of managing all what is related to that property.

     Moreover, Alamany company for real estate investment in Turkey will be with you in each step to manage these real estate affairs. In addition to being always ready so as to receive you during your visit in Turkey, at any time, Along with completing the modification and decoration processes requested by you as well as benefiting from its rental and investment returns if you wish.

     Mainly, the department in charge of the property management process in Alamany for real estate in the post-sale phase will undertake all these services according to a legal contract that clearly explain the tasks as well as details required by those wishing to continue managing their properties in Turkey.

     A package of services provided by the property management services :

  • Providing special cladding, decoration and furniture purchase services by the company’s engineers.
  • Ensure that the property rental is followed up throughout the year with documented and certified contracts between the owner  and the tenant.
  • Displaying the property through Al Fares for real estate investment website and managing to the customer’s request.
  • Managing the client’s real estate investment portfolio through a prior study and a timetable agreed upon with the client.
  • Follow up on the handling of financial matters and bills related to water, gas and electricity during your stay outside Turkey.
  • Supervising on the process of paying the monthly returns and taxes for the property.
  • Follow up on the maintenance matters related to the property ( cleaning the property, maintenance of heating and other tasks as requested by the client ).

     So for all what have been mentioned above, do not hesitate to inquire about the advantages of property management in Turkey through our company’s customer service staff .

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