Real estate marketing in Turkey 

First of all, we must clarify that the purchase decision will not be right and appropriate unless the offer is not enough and accurate. Hence, we should show the importance of the correct understanding of the real estate market in turkey and the request that the customer is convinced it will be his or her future investment.

        Besides, thanks to our relationship with the major real estate development and construction companies in Turkey as well as our mighty knowledge of the real estate market and its progress, we make the best choices for our customers according to their desires, Along with taking into consideration many aspects of the real estate market in Turkey.

         In fact, Alamany for real estate team explains all the details and advantages of each project with its price, In addition to providing the necessary plans and blueprint. What is more, we are displaying these projects through our channel, Along with explaining the payment methods that are provided from the company that owns the project.

         Furthermore, we are connecting with our customers, through our website, or via social media platforms in order to help our costumers to make the best real estate choice.

         Moreover, Alamany real estate group understand our clients’s desires, expectations and future goals as well. Therefore we strive to help them all to achieve their goals within a safe, correct and integrated program.

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Focus Eyup Project

  • Start from 608,000

Tual Bahsekent Project

  • Start from 523,000

Avangart Project in Istanbul

  • Start from 171,000

Marina 24 Project

  • Start from 1,836,000

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