How is the title deed “Tapu” obtained?

During the last ten years, the idea of looking at the Turkish real estate market and studying the feasibility of investing in apartments, lands and commercial real estate within Turkish cities has spread, and the percentage of buying apartments in Istanbul and real estate in Turkey in general has increased.
There are many investors and owners of apartments in Turkey from all nationalities around the world.
Here, some important points that give the investor safety and security must be clarified by completing all the procedures for buying a property in Istanbul, the most important of which is ensuring obtaining the title deed or what is known in some countries as the title deed (Tapu).


What is the exact meaning of the word (tapu) or title deed

It is the proof or official document that proves the person’s ownership of a property within the Turkish territory, which is explained in detail within the (document) about the information about the property, which is the last stage of the purchase of the property in Turkey. It is obtained upon payment of the full amount of the property, whether when paying The amount of the property is cash or upon completion of all installments due on the property.


Title deed content:

1- Complete information about the property (property address – neighborhood or street name – property number)
2- The number of the land on which the project that includes the purchased apartment is built.
3- Apartment area and detailed information about (apartment number – building number – floor – project land area in general)
4- A personal photo of the property owner.
5- The purchase price of the property is in Turkish lira, which is the selling currency.
6- Complete personal information about the owner of the property.


Learn about the types of tabu in Turkey

When following the procedures for paying fees and registering the title deed, we will notice that there are several types of tapu, the most famous of which are
Red Tapu: It is issued from the purchase of (apartment – villa – office – lands included in the organization)
Blue taboo: It is for agricultural lands that are used for farming or poultry farming.


Types of Tapu:

1- The real estate easement document: Within this type of bond, the building is divided and planned after obtaining the construction approval from the municipality, and according to this bond, each section of the building obtains its own easement document and gives detailed information about this section, and after the completion of the construction in a manner Complete and ready, the title deed for the building (Tabu) is obtained, i.e. the easement bonds are a stage before the final Tabu and include information specific to each section of the building.

2- Floor Easement Deed: This type gives protection to the rights of the owner of the apartment. It is a paper that is obtained to clarify information about the owner’s rights within a specific floor of the building. It is legal evidence when constructing the complex according to standards that conform to the legal specifications. It also shows inside it the share of each owner of the total property. .

3- The full title deed: It is the deed that the real estate owner obtains upon the complete completion of the construction or construction of the real estate, and it contains a full explanation of the real estate’s location – its type – its number – the real estate’s share of the total building land. In the event that all this information is available, the property has obtained the right of easement, and when mentioning the type of property (apartment – villa), the property has obtained full ownership, and if the details of the property are not mentioned, it means that it has not yet obtained the full ownership right.

4- Building deed: This deed shows the specifications of the property in general, without mentioning the details and sections of the building, and this type is used when buying a separate property such as (villa-factory-warehouse).

5- Land deed: According to the trader in the land sale market in Turkey, there are two types of lands (agricultural lands) that are suitable for construction at a rate of 10% of the total land area and (construction or residential lands) that allow building on them within larger areas.
Both types are based on a reconstruction plan by the state’s municipalities, which indicates the validity of the land for building on, and whether the land is part of future plans to build gardens or to pass a road through it. Therefore, before completing the land purchase transaction, it is necessary to check with the municipality of the area to which it belongs, about the validity of the construction on it.

6- Participation deed: This type of bond is used for a specific period, and the owner of the property has the right during this period to (sell – buy – rent) the property.

7- Joint Tapu (bond): This type of tapu relies on the purchase of one property by several persons and registering the property in their names, with an indication of the share or percentage of ownership of each person, whether they are equal or different shares. In the event that one of the parties wants to sell his share, he cannot without obtaining the approval of the other partners.

8- Commercial Register: This type of register is used on non-residential real estate but of a commercial nature (shops – offices) where the purpose of using this real estate is clarified within it, with mentioning all the real estate information (the size of the real estate – its type – the name of the owner – the location ).


Tapu fees

It is the one that is paid upon payment of the full amount of the apartment. If the apartment amount is paid in cash, it is paid directly. In the event of payment by installments, the title deed fees are paid. Upon completion of the due installments, the property owner pays 4% of the total price of the property (paid once). Just).


Things that should be noted in the title deed when buying a property in Turkey

1- It is necessary to mention the type of property within the title deed, and within this field it is clarified whether the ownership of the property is still an easement deed or has been transformed into a full title deed.

2- When the type of real estate is mentioned clearly (apartment – villa – commercial store), this means that he has obtained the full title deed.

3- When mentioning the property’s information (floor – area – property number), it means that it is still an easement and has not been transformed into full ownership.


Be careful while registering the tapu:

When registering the property and carrying out the title deed procedures, you should pay attention to some important points to ensure that things are running properly and to ensure that all the necessary papers are available, the most important of which are:

1- The need to extract the necessary paper to secure earthquakes and natural disasters and attach it with the required papers.
2- The presence of the buyer’s passport or personal ID.
3- The presence of an agency certified by the notary public or the Turkish embassy in the country of residence, in the event that there is a substitute person for the real estate owner who will complete the procedures.
4- The presence of receipts showing the actual price of the property according to the purchase price in Turkish lira to avoid financial taxes in the future.
5- Existence of the real estate registry document to which the property belongs.
6- Paying the value of the title deed fees (property transfer tax) and the existence of a receipt thereof.

In general, the Aras Homes team will be with you to ensure the smooth running of matters and the completion of the title deed procedures correctly and legally.

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