Information you should know about tapu extraction in Turkey

The extraction of the title deed is one of the most important stages of buying a property in Turkey

The Tabu is an official document granted to the owner of the property as proof of his ownership according to his name written within it.

It is the last stage when buying a property in Turkey, and without that document, it is not possible to recognize someone’s ownership of any property in Turkey.

As for the method of extracting it, it is carried out by the Real Estate Registry Directorate in Turkey in a short time and fast transactions, especially for foreign investors


The most important information contained in the tapu document is the following:

  1. The address of the property
  2. Registration number of the land on which the building is based
  3. The total area of the land on which the building is built
  4. Property area, floor, building number
  5. The value of the property, in Turkish lira
  6. Personal photo of the property owner
  7. In addition to important personal information of the owner.


What are the documents required to obtain a tapu?

  1. Personal ID and passport translated
  2. Tax Number
  3. One personal photo of the seller and two photos of the buyer
  4. Dusk Segurtasi, or what is known as earthquake and disaster insurance.
  5. Personal power of attorney if the applicant is acting on behalf of the person concerned in completing the purchase process.

The investor who owns the Tabu document in Turkey can obtain a real estate residence for himself and his family members, for a period of one to three years.

It can be renewed every time its term expires, provided that the title deed (Tapu) is presented in the residence renewal interview.

It is one of the facilities provided by the Turkish government, such as obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership of $250,000 or more.

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