Learn about the types of apartments in Turkey and their advantages

Turkey is characterized as a fertile land that attracts and attracts projects of all kinds, the most important of which are real estate projects and investments, which enjoy a high demand for them compared to European and Arab countries, as a result of government encouragement on real estate investment, easing restrictions and requirements imposed on the establishment of real estate, and providing facilities and multiple tax exemptions. In the Turkish real estate sector, and encourage the establishment of new real estate projects, for both Turkish and foreign investors.

In this article, we show you the types of apartments that are being built and invested in inside Turkey, which are characterized by the diversity of their shapes and styles, depending on the location, prices, material and construction capabilities of the investing companies, as well as the purchasing capabilities of buyers and investors in this real estate field.

The construction site and the available space also affect the style of the apartments being constructed, depending on the vitality of the area and the services available and surrounding the projects, as follows:


What are the types of apartments in Turkey?

The types of residential and office apartments in Turkey and the systems based on them vary, and the smart home system has recently spread in Turkey, which is racing with our present time, with very advanced and luxurious technical capabilities, which facilitated life for investors and shortened time and effort, in carrying out vital tasks for their owners according to the latest artificial intelligence systems.

All models of luxury homes are available in Turkey, such as penthouses, duplexes and triplexes, and luxury complexes, with modern entertainment systems:


  • Residential complex apartments:

It is considered one of the most popular residential apartments in terms of demand for buying and living in it, as it has many features, the most prominent of which are:

  1. Equipped with all means of safety and protection, which are represented by surveillance cameras distributed everywhere.
  2. Equipped with alarms and guards, which reduces the chances of being exposed to theft.
  3. It is characterized by large areas that provide privacy for its residents, in addition to its distinctive view.
  4. The apartments of the residential complexes are attached to a wide range of services and entertainment, as there are swimming pools, playgrounds, and places for children to play.
  5. In some residential complexes, shops, a mosque and a school are available.
  6. It is considered one of the high-end residential options, because it is often designed in a modern style and keeps pace with technology.


Standard apartments:

This type of apartments in Turkey is known to be less luxurious and distinguished than those found within residential complexes, but it does not lack the advantages or services attached to it, and each has certain features and differs among themselves in this aspect, but it does not lack safety features or cleaning services, and its prices vary according to its features. And according to its location and the view it enjoys, but in general, its prices are considered appropriate.

Penthouse apartments in Turkey:

What is a penthouse?

The Penthouse Apartment, which is a common term in the world of luxury housing and one of the most luxurious types of apartments in Turkey. Penthouse apartments are known as distinctive apartments on the upper floors, and are often located on the last floor of tall buildings and skyscrapers in major Turkish cities.

Its main idea is that its external walls on all four sides should be made of glass, as it provides the apartment’s residents with giant panoramic views of the entire city from high altitudes, and its most important characteristics are that it extends over an entire floor of the building, sometimes consisting of two floors, and it has large areas that provide comfort And privacy for those who live in it, in addition to having distinctive designs, and providing a style of luxury that resembles life in a villa in the city center.


The most important features of penthouse apartments:

  1. It is located in the heart of major cities and capitals, and within minutes access to restaurants, hotels and commercial centers in the city.
  2. It allows staying above the city and enjoying a panoramic view of it, away from the hustle and bustle and crowds.
  3. The large area, which exceeds the areas of ordinary apartments, and is close to the areas of villas.
  4. It has amenities such as a private elevator, different from the building’s elevators.
  5. Private entrance from the building itself.
  6. It contains a balcony with an elegant terrace, a swimming pool sometimes, an office and meeting room, a jacuzzi and others.
  7. Residents of penthouse apartments can enjoy additional services from the hotel services provided by the luxury buildings, such as laundry services, a luxurious restaurant, and food delivery service to the apartments.
  8. Interior kitchens made of steel.
  9. Marble floors and luxurious wooden decorations.
  10. Equipped with sensors for humidity, external wind intensity, and temperature.
    Penthouse apartments are among the most expensive apartments, and the price of some of them exceeds the price of palaces and villas, given that they are located in the heart of cities and enjoy a charming view of the city. Some penthouse apartments consist of one floor, and some of them have two floors or more.


Hotel apartments in Turkey:

Turkey enjoys the picturesque nature that adorns it, such as green mountains, seas, lakes, waterfalls and many areas with tourist monuments, and its mild climate in summer and winter, which encouraged tourism throughout the year, and therefore investing in hotel apartments in Turkey is profitable and a high investment opportunity.

Turkey is characterized by the large availability of hotel apartments, of different shapes and styles, and it is a preferred choice for many expatriate families, whether for tourism or settlement.

It is advised when searching for hotel apartments in Turkey that they be chosen in a modern building or complex, that the rooms and suites are modern, and that their location is near the historical tourist attractions, or the sandy beaches and the local facilities of the city.

Duplex apartments:

Duplex apartments are characterized by the fact that they are two floors above each other connected by an internal staircase. They are spacious and suitable for large families. They also provide privacy for those who live in them, as the lower floor can be allocated for living and the upper floor for bedrooms and bathrooms. Their prices are medium and suitable for owners. low budgets.

Triplex apartments:

There are many common points between duplexes and triplexes, and the triplexes are distinguished by the fact that they are composed of three floors, which gives the owners of the apartment greater comfort in life, and a part of it can be allocated to be an office or a sports club.

This type of apartment is one of the best options for real estate investment, as it can be an educational institution, a medical center, and a restaurant.

Townhouses and Twin Houses:

It is a group of apartments close to each other, and it is open from the front and the back, and each apartment has its own small garden, and it may be one or two floors.

As for the twin house apartments, they consist of two adjacent apartments, and they are not attached to a private and small garden, and it is worth noting that the two apartments have the same specifications, design, and space.

Studio apartments:

They are apartments consisting of one room and a bathroom, and they are considered to have a relatively small area, as they are suitable for an individual living alone or a couple, and they are equipped with everything a person may need, in addition to their modest prices.


Tips for buying apartments in Turkey:

  1. Watching the apartment on the ground and inspecting it, and making sure that it is free of apparent and hidden problems through the assistance of a real estate evaluator.
  2. The investor should study the area in which he decides to buy an apartment, and the infrastructure, facilities and public services that surround it.
  3. Verify that the apartment is free of structural defects, as well as that it is free of any debts, taxes, financial belongings, or legal consequences.
  4. Find a reliable real estate agent.
  5. Proximity to vital facilities, commercial complexes, and shopping malls, which makes life easier for him and increases his investment opportunities.
  6. The trend towards investing in smart home projects, which contain ultra-modern, advanced and luxurious technology.

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