Is real estate investment in Turkey profitable? What are the most important investment areas?

Turkey occupies an important position among the countries of the world, in light of the great and continuous economic development and growth, the competitor to the world and European countries in particular, as Turkey ranked 19 among the strongest economies around the world, and Turkey still excels in all investment fields in its diversity of forms, especially the real estate field that has proven its strength and merit In the face of the Corona crisis that swept the world, and led to the weakness of various sectors and the collapse of some of them in the countries of the world, real estate sales to foreigners between 2013 and 2023 achieved the highest purchase rates compared to previous years.

As the Turkish government previously announced its investment plans, in establishing new projects during the year 2023, while Turkey aspires this year to go out to the world with projects of the century, such as the giant Istanbul Water Canal project, Istanbul’s third airport, the new city of Istanbul and many large projects that it is supervising. The Turkish government in order to continue the pace of growth in all fields.


Real estate investment in Turkey:

There is no doubt that many are afraid to invest in Turkey, due to the absence of information about them and their lack of knowledge of Turkey’s status, advantages and ideal and profitable real estate, which has attracted thousands of Arab and foreign investors to its lands, which continues to grow continuously without stopping, defying economic and global obstacles and obstacles, and political and epidemics and continuing Its path towards prosperity and development, as Turkey formed an ideal and wonderful climate for successful and profitable real estate investment at the same time, while Istanbul topped the first statistics in real estate investment in Turkey.

There are many important factors and reasons that encouraged Arab and foreign investors to invest in real estate in Turkey, which we will mention in this article, and in light of the availability of ideal real estate options at reasonable and highly competitive prices for many countries of the world, European countries and Arab countries, as it achieved amazing results during the last 13 years in Real estate investment sector in Turkey.


Is real estate investment in Turkey profitable?

Is real estate investment in Turkey profitable or not? This question is asked by many foreign investors, who wish to invest and develop their capital and achieve returns with fixed profits annually, without feeling concerned about the risks that may hinder their investment process.

Certainly, real estate investment in Turkey is highly profitable, and investments reach a large and high level, in light of the non-stop growth of Turkish real estate, and Turkey’s attraction of project owners and high capital.

Real estate projects and investment in the real estate sector have also achieved great profits, returning to investors, which have continued rapidly over the past years to this day, and the success of the real estate and investment sector in Turkey is due to the government’s interest in this sector and to the diversity and quality of real estate, and its access to the world in its origin. And its designs, shapes, structure, vitality, and its distinguished strategic location on the map.


Real estate investment tips in Turkey

  • Verify the credibility and eligibility of the owner or real estate agent, by reviewing the real estate agency papers and officially documented ownership contracts.
  • Reviewing the identification papers of the property, the title deed papers and the real estate appraisal to ensure that the property is free from defects and is safe.
  • Ensure that there is no other owner of the property.
  • Ensuring the safety of the property by not having a mortgage, resale and leasing, or the property violating the imposed real estate standards.
  • Visit the property or apartment website to verify its validity, suitability for residential or work use, and suitability for purchase purposes.
  • Examine the ownership contracts of the property and that they are free from any legal problems, and not transfer the property to another party or a real estate broker.
  • Ensure that the area, specifications, and information contained in the title deed (Tapu) match the actual shape of the property, specifications and real estate appraisal, and not only look at the pictures displayed on the websites.


Advantages of real estate investment in Turkey

  1. Obtaining Turkish citizenship, by purchasing a Turkish property or several properties with a minimum value of 400 thousand US dollars, or its equivalent against the Turkish lira.
  2. Fixed real estate returns, which increase annually on the property. The Turkish government annually determines a fixed percentage of profits accruing to the investor, through resale and rental of real estate.
  3. Real estate investment in Turkey has been on the rise at an ever-increasing pace over the last ten years.
  4. The government facilities provided to the investor encourage real estate investment, and give him confidence and security for the development of real estate projects.
  5. Turkey is a fertile land for real estate projects and attracts investors from all over the world.
  6. Real estate prices in Turkey are cheap compared to other countries.
  7. The geographical location of Turkey gave it a special distinction as it mediates between Asia and Europe, which made it attractive to tourists, and increased demand for real estate and construction, which corresponds to the high demand for it.
  8. Obtaining real estate residency when buying a property in Turkey with a value of $75,000 or more.
  9. The cost of real estate construction is cheap compared to other countries, and the raw materials are of high quality.
  10. The strength of the real estate sector in Turkey, especially compared to other sectors, and maintaining its price and not being affected by the crises the country is going through.
  11. The Turkish real estate sector is distinguished by the diversity of real estate and its forms, and its modern designs that keep pace with development.
  12. The existence of government supervision over real estate, and the provision of high privileges and facilities that the investor may not find in his home country.
  13. The multiplicity of Turkish real estate and investment opportunities, which gives the investor the opportunity to choose the property best suited to his real estate capabilities and ambitions.


The reasons for the growth of the real estate sector in Turkey

  • Turkey is a tourist destination throughout the year, which has made it a destination to attract capital owners and foreign investors, and the demand for it has greatly increased.
  • The stability of the Turkish real estate market in the face of economic and political crises, epidemics, and maintaining its prices.
  • Turkey’s strong infrastructure encourages real estate investment.
  • The influx of foreign capital for real estate investment in Turkey gives strength and stability to the real estate market and its growth at an accelerating pace in recent years.
  • The density of vegetation, seas and natural terrain, which attract tourists to rent and buy Turkish real estate, in order to enjoy the annual holidays and recreation periods.
  • The diversity of the climate in Turkey according to its geographical location, and its mediation between Europe and Asia.


What are the best areas for real estate investment in Istanbul?

  1. Basin Express area: It is the intersection of two main streets that connect all areas of the city together, and because of the strategic location of this area, the largest Turkish construction companies went to it and built complexes with a modern design.
  2. Kagithane district: It is one of the important areas in Istanbul that attracts investors in the field of real estate because it falls within the urban development plan that the Turkish government is working on.
  3. Beylikduzu: It is one of the relatively new areas in Istanbul, and it is witnessing an active construction movement for huge residential projects. The area is located on the E5 highway and overlooks the Sea of Marmara.
  4. Arnavutkoy: The area is close to the airport and the third bridge in Istanbul, and therefore the increase in real estate prices and square meters is very rapid.
  5. Basaksehir: one of the most attractive areas for investors in Turkey, and is characterized by its high speed in attracting new real estate and commercial projects.
  6. Sisli area: It is one of the central areas in the city, and attracts foreigners greatly to live and work.
  7. Sheila: One of the most attractive areas for investments during the last five years, and contains many investment projects that attract investors, in addition to the nature that characterizes the region.
  8. Beykoz: The region is witnessing a rise in many huge real estate projects, and is characterized by a wide network of roads that connect it with many other vital areas.
  9. Tuzla: The area is located close to the second airport and the metro line, and real estate prices are expected to rise significantly in the coming periods.
  10. Kartal: The new metro line, which was opened recently in the region, contributed greatly to the increase in the demand for real estate in it, and it is one of the areas that witnessed the most recent urban transformation.


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