The diversity of the residential real estate market in Turkey and its residential and investment advantages

Turkey is characterized by investment diversity in various fields, especially tourism and real estate, as the country is primarily a tourist, this opens the door to investment in all fields, especially the real estate sector due to the large demand for it, by investors or tourists coming to the country throughout the year, as well as commercial real estate that meets Great demand for the country.

Turkey is the first destination for investors in particular, and tourists in general and the most demanded and distinguished, due to the low real estate prices of residential apartments, whether in residential complexes or regular construction and owning luxury residential villas, and the reason for the high demand for real estate ownership in Turkey, by Arab and foreign investors and clients, Those who prefer Turkey over their home country, to buy and own in the city of Istanbul in particular and in the states of Turkey in general, which are relatively cheap compared to real estate prices in the mother country, and just as real estate in Turkey is many, varied and distinct, we will mention in this article the types of residential real estate and their advantages:


Types of real estate in Turkey:

There are many goals of real estate ownership for Arab investors in Turkey and the purchase of apartments, such as real estate investment, operation of capital, and obtaining Turkish citizenship. Some prefer to settle in it to enjoy the landscapes and historical, aesthetic and tourist legacies that are not found in Arab countries, such as the ancient and beautiful Ottoman historical and archaeological monuments, which are a focus of attention. Foreign and Arab tourists to achieve several purposes, including medical tourism, recreational tourism, hiking, and for stability, and this is the most important purpose.

The Turkish government has a major role in supporting the real estate sector in various ways, as it seeks to revitalize and develop the real estate sector, and encourages investors to invest in Turkey, such as providing facilities and modifications, which it offers to foreign investors and the West in order to attract foreign capital and assets.

Before buying and owning real estate in Turkey, you must study the region, city, and state in which you want to settle, or for real estate investment in the region, and several factors must be studied before purchasing an apartment for the purpose of investment or for the purpose of stability, and you must know the types of residential real estate in Turkey, including:


Penthouse apartments:

What do you know about penthouse apartments with a high and luxurious view?

Penthouse apartments are one of the types of real estate in Turkey, and they are residential apartments that occupy the floors and upper floors in high-rise residential towers and complexes, and are distinguished by their panoramic view, due to the fact that the apartment’s four external walls are made of glass, which gives it a gigantic, beautiful and distinct appearance, and it is considered the most luxurious and comfortable apartments, Because it is built on an entire floor, which gives you a sense of comfort because you do not have neighbors on the same floor, so many investors who are looking for comfort, luxury and stability look for it, and it has a view of the city and its center close to services.

The style of luxury in penthouse apartments is likened to stability, and living in a villa above the clouds has a wonderful and distinct view, and sometimes it is more expensive than palaces and villas.

The idea of penthouse apartments was also formed in the 1920s, when economic growth brought a construction boom within New York City, and the high demand for urban living and the growing wealth of Americans led to the creation of luxury apartments on the upper floors, which were called “penthouse” apartments, according to Wikipedia. Globalism.


Duplex apartments:

It is one of the most common types of residential apartments in Turkey, especially Istanbul, due to the high demand of Arab investors with families who are looking for stability in Turkey for premium duplex apartments, and many foreign and Arab families consisting of a large number of individuals are looking for duplex apartments due to the large available space. Vertically, it consists of two apartments connected to each other by an internal staircase between the lower and upper floors. The duplex apartment is always located on the highest floor of buildings and residential complexes, as it contains more rooms, bathrooms, and salons than regular apartments.

The distribution of rooms in the duplex apartment differs from the rest of the apartments, as there are bedrooms in the upper apartment, and the bathrooms, the living room, and the kitchen in the basement.


Triplex apartments:

What are triplex apartments in Turkey?

It consists of 3 apartments located on top of each other, in the form of three residential floors connected to each other by an internal staircase, and it looks a lot like duplexes, but these consist of three floors. These apartments are suitable for large families, their prices are reasonable compared to the prices of luxury and stand-alone villas, and they are preferred by many Investors are looking for villas, and they are characterized by their independence and that they are often on the upper floor, and the roof can be invested to create a tourist swimming pool, and as the apartment is inside, it is possible to benefit from the external parties to make the terrace.


Standard apartments:

One of the types of real estate in Turkey that is widespread in all Turkish states, and it is the usual apartments located in independent buildings or in residential complexes in Turkey. Its size and patterns, and this part is within reach, as its prices differ from one place to another, and according to the area, the view, and its proximity or distance from the city center and services.

The types of regular apartments also vary, as they start from one room and a hall up to 6 rooms and two halls, all of these types are at reasonable prices, and are the most popular for real estate investors, as they are located in various neighborhoods and residential complexes.


Smart apartments:

Smart apartments are one of the types of real estate in Turkey, and they are fully functional apartments based on advanced technology in controlling the push of a button, and the doors can be opened with a fingerprint or a card, and the house is managed and controlled through a smartphone application, which allows the owner to press one button To control the simplest details of the house, such as lighting and electrical appliances, starting from television screens and air conditioners, to kitchen electrical appliances, doors and windows, as well as curtains and water taps, and even the temperature in the house.

One of the most important advantages of owning a smart apartment in Turkey is the feeling of safety and comfort, in addition to significantly saving time and money. For more details about smart homes and obtaining offers from smart apartments, you can contact our consultants specialized in the field, and get all the features and offers.


Studio apartments:

It is one of the types of real estate in Turkey, and it is an apartment of 30, 40, or 50 square meters, consisting of only one room that includes a bathroom, living room, and kitchen. It is a small residential unit desirable for individuals, university students, and unmarried couples, who are looking for independence and comfort.


Villas in Turkey:

Villas in Turkey are one of the types of the real estate sector in Turkey, and they are independent housing units that come with a spacious garden and its own gate, surrounded by a wall on all sides, and consist of either two or three floors, often come with a private bathroom for each room, and are characterized by having recreational spaces Especially, such as the summer swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi, in addition to a car garage, private gardens, and other services that may differ from one villa to another.


Office apartments:

It is one of the types of real estate in Turkey, as office apartments are densely located in the city of Istanbul, until some residential complexes construct a tower dedicated to office apartments, due to the wide demand for this type of apartments, and office apartments are known as real estate units designated for various businesses and commercial activities, They often come within the high-rise commercial towers that are placed in the central areas and important business areas.

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