Do tourist and historical places affect real estate in Turkey ?

Turkey is distinguished as a tourist country in the first place, and this is what revived the rest of the commercial sectors in it, especially real estate projects.

The nature of Turkey, with dense vegetation and natural topography, had the greatest impact on encouraging the tourism sector, which increased the importance of real estate and its close connection with the real estate field, is the proximity of tourist places to real estate areas, and many real estate projects were established in the middle of nature in forests and on the sea beaches and above hills.

We do not forget the great role of the Turkish government, in encouraging tourism and interest in the real estate sector together, through the development of tourist places and the civilized infrastructure surrounding the real estate areas, as it established public parks and free parks in which there are children’s games, sports games for adults and various playgrounds, and it also allocated places for entertainment And barbecues.

Real estate projects, such as residential complexes, also include entertainment facilities in the same project, such as private gardens, playgrounds, saunas, swimming pools, and various services that provide amenities and luxury for residents and investors without the trouble of searching for these services outside the boundaries of the project.


The importance of tourist and historical places on real estate in Turkey

  • Tourism and archaeological sites have been the biggest factor in the prosperity of the real estate sector. The greater the number of tourists in the country, the greater the demand for residential real estate, whether for rent or purchase in order to obtain the privileges of real estate residence.
  • Historical, natural, and archaeological places represent a great and extremely important attraction for tourists, and they make their choice to settle in Turkey, especially in the city of Istanbul, which is characterized by the abundance of charming and natural attractive tourist places, and the large number of Ottoman historical and archaeological sites that bear in their walls the fragrant history and nostalgia for the past.
  • Tourism has the biggest role in preserving real estate in Turkey on its prices and value, and its prices are permanently and significantly increasing. The higher the percentage of tourists, the greater the demand for real estate and the higher the price.
  • The location of real estate in relation to tourist places: the closer the historical tourist and archaeological places are to real estate places and projects, the higher real estate prices will be, and the greater the number of investors looking to buy an apartment or buy a property in tourist and archaeological places, for example there are some investors who want to buy an apartment Or a villa overlooking the famous Bosphorus Bridge, and many other tourist places.
  • Tourist areas are the most important factors that led to the revival of the real estate sector in Turkey, which encouraged Arab and foreign investors to invest in Turkey, given the annual increase in the number of foreign and Arab tourists.
  • The Turkish government’s great interest in the infrastructure of tourist areas, in order to better serve tourists and residents, and achieve safety, security and speed of access, which drew the attention of the government and real estate investors towards a large investment in this field.
  • The strength of the infrastructure in Turkey, especially the city of Istanbul, where the Turkish government established bridges and airports, and provided all advanced land and sea public transportation, as well as social and entertainment services.
  • The large number of tourists and tourist places has increased the demand for real estate establishments, which has increased their prices significantly in recent times, such as purchase and rental rents, as well as hotel and tourism services that are provided at tourist prices that are higher than the long-term annual rent.
  • Tourist places have all international brands, cinemas, exhibitions, and fashion, and this greatly affects real estate prices, and the importance of real estate projects in these areas, for example, such as the Besiktas neighborhood, which is famous for fashion, business, real estate, and international brands, as real estate prices rise in this neighborhood. Significantly due to its location in the center of Istanbul.
  • Tourist places include many cultural and historical centers, and this constitutes a great interest in real estate and its prices, and provides more vitality and aesthetics for those looking for history and the past.
  • The presence of many important government centers, government and private hospitals, local and international banks and restaurants, which raise the importance and value of real estate projects in Turkey.
  • The availability of public and private transportation in tourist and historical places, which is characterized by excellence, comfort and ease of movement between and within regions.
  • The large number of tourist places in Turkey has encouraged many investors to open shops and malls that meet all the needs of tourists, and the demand for buying and renting shops in those areas has also increased.


What are the best tourist places in Istanbul, which greatly affect real estate in Turkey?

There are many tourist places in Istanbul, which encouraged foreign and Arab investors to buy real estate in Turkey, the most prominent of which are:


  1. Sisli district: one of the most important areas of European Istanbul, distinguished by the presence of international business, fashion, and brands, and is known for its luxurious real estate with modern architecture and designs, such as tall towers and skyscrapers, and it is an area full of high-end hotels, fashion stores, and shopping centers such as Cevahir Mall and the Kanyon Shopping Center, and it also includes the Military Museum and the Museum of Art. Ataturk, and the religious heritage places such as the Sisli Mosque and the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, and the most famous gardens are Machka Park.
  2. Al-Fatih district: Al-Fateh district is one of the first areas established in European Istanbul, and it is one of the very important areas in the east of the ancient Roman Empire, as it contains many palaces, mosques and markets, which makes it one of the most famous tourist areas in Istanbul. The Fatih district was named after the Sultan. Ottoman Mehmed Al-Fatih, an area close to all public and sea transportation, as it includes the Hagia Sophia Mosque and the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and the historical and archaeological Topkapi Palace is located in it.
  3. Taksim area: Taksim area is the most important tourist destination for tourists in Istanbul, and it is the beating heart of Istanbul, and Taksim Square is a major center for many activities. The ancient and a number of churches dating back to the Byzantine era. Among the most famous areas that Taksim includes: the historic Galata Tower, the Cathedral of St. Anthony of Bedouin, the Taksim Mosque and the famous Madame Tussauds wax museum.
  4. Uskudar District: The Uskudar district is distinguished by its unique and unique location in Istanbul, due to its presence in the Marmara Sea region, which is characterized by wide views of the Bosphorus Strait, and it is a central area for real estate investment.
    The Uskudar region is one of the oldest areas of Istanbul in general, as Uskudar was during the Ottoman Empire, one of the areas in which a number of sultans built their palaces, in addition to mosques, baths and markets, as it is now full of historical monuments of great importance, which made it a symbol of Istanbul and Turkey on The global level, which made it the focus of attention of investors and raised its investment value to the maximum extent, and the area is characterized by the presence of the famous ancient girl’s tower.
  5. Neighborhoods overlooking the Bosphorus Bridge: These are the neighborhoods in the Asian and European part overlooking the famous Bosphorus Bridge and Strait, which are characterized by real estate projects with charming and attractive sea views, and one of the most famous neighborhoods overlooking the Bosphorus Bridge, which is one of the most aesthetic, rich and ancient neighborhoods, Besiktas neighborhood Ortakoy, Beykoz, Istinye, Emirgan, and Bebek
  6. Beylikdüzü district: It is one of the most prominent areas in which real estate is active in Turkey, and it is characterized by rapid and modern urban development. It is one of the best tourist destinations for living and stability, for those looking for calm and modernity together. The area is characterized by the activity of real estate and investment projects with modern and developed architecture.
  7. Neighborhoods overlooking the coast of Marmara: The neighborhoods of these areas are characterized by their unique view of the sea in the center of Istanbul, and real estate and investment projects are very active in them, and entertainment projects that meet all the needs of investors, in addition to the great government interest in the infrastructure of these areas.

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