Get to know the Basaksehir area in Istanbul

Basaksehir is a district located in the European section of Istanbul, and it is considered one of the newest areas, as it was established in 2009. This region leads the regions of Istanbul on the European side in terms of increasing residential areas, because it embraces many infrastructure projects established in the city, and Basaksehir is The preferred choice for giant residential projects because it is located at the intersection of future vision projects in Turkey such as the new metro, Istanbul’s third airport, the northern Marmara road, the Olympic Village, the Istanbul Canal, which is called the second Bosphorus, and the health complex, which is the largest in Europe.

Basic information about Basaksehir:

The region is located on the European side in the center of northern Istanbul

Among the most famous landmarks of the Basaksehir neighborhood (Kent Square), which will be the largest square in Istanbul, and the new city center is located on an area of ​​60 thousand square meters, which is three times the famous Taksim Square. According to the plan, the new square will be accompanied by the best services and transportation that will link it with all regions. Istanbul is surrounded by many new projects, such as the Kent Health Center and the Salah El-Din Mosque, which will accommodate 5,000 worshipers, and many restaurants, cafes and public institutions, which will attract more people to it.

There is a metro station in the square, another tram station, and a bus station, which will make movement to and from the neighborhood easy and fast, and there is a parking lot under this square that can accommodate thousands of cars. In addition to the square, the largest Botanic Park in Turkey has been established, which is located on an area of 386,000 square meters in the new Basaksehir center. The park includes areas for sports and walking, bicycle paths, and various rest areas. There is also a hotel, shopping centers, and shops within the park.


Basaksehir is distinguished by the presence of an extended network of roads that connects it to the rest of Istanbul’s provinces, as it is 25 km away from the center of Istanbul, in addition to the presence of three metro lines, railways, and large and small public transport buses in the region.

Features of Basaksehir site:

Highways pass by
Easy access to bridges linking the Asian side with the European side in Istanbul
Direct access to transmission lines

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