How can you buy Istanbul card and transport with the lowest cost

Istanbul card

Istanbul city has a variety of public means of transport that can reach you everywhere in the city. Which makes it easy for you to visit its scenic attraction by the use of the; autobus, subway , tram, and maritime transport as well, simply by using card of Istanbul.   How to buy and charge the transportation card of Istanbul ‘’Card of Istanbul’’? Istanbul card or ‘’akbil kart’’ is a magnetic card that can be bought from many shops or kiosks surrounding the main bus stations, It cost 20 liras, or Easley through the card filling machine at the metrobus or tram stations for 6 liras. So in order to get this card, you only have to follow the following steps shown in the pictures:
  • Click on the change language button
  • Click on the last chose as shown on the screen ‘’6TL – Istanbul kart’’
  • Put a Turkish paper currency, 10TL at least,
  • Confirm the operation from the screen and receive the card from the machine as shown in the picture
  How to charge the card ? There is a lot of ways to charge Istanbul card :
  1. Through the machine located at the main transport stations, where you put the card in its shown place in the machine and then enter the amount that you want to fill. So after that the money you have charged appear on the screen, you can take your card back and also get an invoice about the amount you had paid if needed.
  2. Or by downloading Istanbul cart application :
  • The application is downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store
  • Fill the required data then register the bank card information
  • Register Istanbul Card in the application by scanning the barcode on the back of the card
  • Open NFC technology, then choose the category to fill in and follow the steps shown on the application screen
  Note : You must make sure that your smartphone can provide NFC technology. Apart from this, it is available in most modern phones today.
  • Through other payments apps by following the same previous steps described above.
  • Through some markets and malls such as ‘’ Sok’’.

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